Orchid Love Scale

Welcome to the Orchid Love Quiz!

When it comes to orchids, often the line between enough orchids, and not enough orchids can get very blurry. If you’ve found that this distinction has become confusing, don’t worry. This is completely normal. It just means that you care about orchids.

Like all worthwhile relationships, our connection with orchids is strengthened as we learn how to properly care for them. Too much water is often the culprit that kills our orchids. We must be ever vigilant to keep orchids from drowning in our love.

Simply enter your information below to take this free quiz to find if you have a crush on orchids, or if you have a full-fledged grand passion. You’ll also get a few emails from me with tips for nurturing healthy orchids for love that lasts.

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Free Orchid Love Quiz and Tips for Growing Orchids