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Welcome to Orchid Bliss!

I am so glad you’re here! I’m Anna. I’m a writer and editor turned orchid lover. I live in a high desert in the Rocky Mountains where humidity is low and winters are long and harsh–not exactly optimal conditions for growing orchids. That’s why I’m convinced that orchids can grace the home of everyone who is willing to learn.

Several winters ago, I purchased my first orchid, a phalaenopsis, to bring life and beauty into my home. I was surprised at how long the exquisite blooms lasted. I determined to learn, despite the unfavorable climate where I live, how to care for orchids. Of course, that first orchid died, as have many others. But, along the way, after much experimentation, failure and success, I’ve learned how to properly care for these unparalleled plants.I’m excited to share my orchid expertise with you, so that your orchids can provide you with years of enjoyment.I’d love for you to email me with any questions about your orchids.